Martin Feldkircher

Bayesian model averaging in R
The BMS homepage


This is Martin Feldkircher's homepage. I am a professor of international economics at the Vienna School of International Studies / Diplomatische Akademie (DA) Wien. Before joining the academia, I have been working as an economist at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB). I have published numerious studies in the field of international macroeconomics, monetary policy, forecasting, comparative economics, economic growth and regional economics. In most of my papers, I use Bayesian methods and focus on European countries. According to , I rank among the top 10 Austrian economists (based on publications over the last 10 years). I have co-authored the R packages BMS for Bayesian model averaging and BGVAR for Bayesian global vector autoregressions. A detailed CV can be downloaded here. This page should provide an overview of my academic work and current research projects.